Frequently Unasked Questions
- the questions you might ask if we hadn’t already answerd them …

  • What IS Never Mind The Buzzkills anyway?

For the answer to this, please check the About page.

  • Is Never Mind The Buzzkills – in any  way, shape or form – affiliated to …


  • Really?

Really. While we here at Buzzkill towers very much appreciate the Talkback Thames/BBC programme Never Mind The Buzzcocks – and very much recommend that you watch it – we are not affiliated. In any way. Shape. Or form. And we also have no clue how you would get that idea.

  • Now that this blog is self-hosted, you’re gonna plaster it with advertising, right?

Not at all. NMTBuzzkills is self-funded, with all the advantages and and disadvantages it brings. The advantage: NMTBuzzkills is and will remain free of ad banners and ugly Google ads. It’s nicer to look at and it keeps the blog independent.

  • I/We make music. Can I/we send you something to listen to so you write about it on here?

I/We always love hearing new stuff. If you got something you want to send over, be it in form of links or physically, use the contact form to get in touch. I/We guarentee absolutely nothing, though.

  • Who created that awesome logo graphic?

The brilliant skull graphic was created by the equally brilliant Welsh graphic designer Rhys ‘Hidden Moves’ Owens, and we can never be thankful enough for it. For more of Rhys’ work, go to Hidden Moves.

  • Is it possible to use content from NMTBuzzkills in other media?

Re-posting content from NMTBuzzkills on non-commercial platforms is absolutely a-okay, with the proper credits and links back to NMTBuzzkills. And we appreciate it if you let us know about it.

  • You’re really just one person and you’re using the ‘royal we’ to make this sound better.

That’s not a question.

  • You’re really just one person and you’re using the royal we to make this sound better, right?

No. Well. Yes. Seriously though, NMTBuzzkills is more than that. Inspiration for content comes from various sources and while one person writes everything you read on here, there is a bigger circle that makes NMTBuzzkills what it is.